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What Do We Do

Kenosis offers a creative and stimulating environment that nurtures individuality. The Art School is currently based in the Vaal Trianlge, Vanderbijlpark.Our lessons are geared toward providing a solid foundation for you to become proficient as a private, professional or non-commercial artist. Whether you wish to further your artistic career, excite your creative mind, socialize or simply unwind, we celebrate your enthusiasm.

We present a wide range of artistic possibilities in traditional as well as contemporary art making techniques in terms of painting, drawing, new media, mosaic and pottery. Our talented and experienced tutors will make every effort to ensure that you find the learning experience rewarding and fun. We are a unique art school with a stimulating environment in the Vaal Trianlge.

Creative individuals of all skill levels are encouraged to participate. We also accommodate all ages and take great pleasure in seeing our students realize their creative potential and grow as artists. For prospective art students we offer assistance in completing a portfolio, especially if you want to further your studies at a institute in the Vaal Triangle, Johannesburg or Cape Town.



We are very dedicated to our students and hope to show you an exciting world of art with scheduled gallery trips and “Art in the Park” open days. With Kenosis you will know that you connected with the right people at the right time for the right purpose.



ART SCHOOL in the Vaal Triangle:  Fine arts – Drawing – Painting – Pottery –Photography – Photoshop & Drama

CREATIVE SERVICES:  Web design, Weddings, Graphic Design, Video etc…

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a place in the Vaal Triangle where people can come and enjoy art in every sense, make new friends and just enjoy the atmosphere that Kenosis has to offer. We want to bring glory to God in the way He created us all. God created each and every individual unique, He is the uncreated Creator, and has given us creativity that we can use to bring glory to Him.

We want to transform the Art school into a institute where we will be able to offer everything that has to do with Arts eg. Fine arts, Mosaic, Painting, Drawing, Sculpting, Dance, Music, Design, Photography and the list goes on. This will help the Arts in the Vaal Triangle and it will be a great venture and boost for Vanderbijlpark. With the help of God and each student, we will accomplish this goal!

Our creative services department was created to help companies with their branding and to bring bright new  ideas into newborn and existing companies. Everything under one roof with a team that really strives to give their best in everything that they do.  We want to help people and sow  back into the community, and we are using the Talents that God gave us to accomplish the task ahead of  us


Thank You


First, many thanks to God for this great company that He entrusted to us.


Thank you to each and every person who’s part of this family. To all our students, we love you and thank you for being who you are and for being a part of this great family.

To all the companies that does business with Kenosis, thank you for using us and trusting us with your brand and we promise to always deliver the best service possible.

To each and every staff member, thank you for  the contributions towards Kenosis and all your hard work. We are growing, and together we will accomplish the vision we have for Kenosis and with God anything is possible! We have an awesome team!!!!







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