Children Art Class in Vanderbijlpark



Why is Art important for my child

It is necessary for the development of a child to participate in social and creative activities. A healthy imagination and a strong sense of self allow the child to gain confidence in his or her abilities, whether in school or at home. Art helps the child to focus on detail, allows for personal expression and develops observational and spatial skills while at the same time stimulating creativity. Kenosis Art School are proud to say that we are helping in the development of children, especially in the Vaal Triangle.

Due to the collaborative nature of art, students develop crucial skills in cooperative decision-making, leadership, clear communication, and complex problem solving while working with others. At Kenosis we offer a positive environment where your child can feel safe, peaceful and happy while building confidence as they progress through the program. Our teachers are experienced and skilled in mentoring your child and will make certain that he or she acquire the necessary skills suited to their age. It is our desire that our students excel in what they do, but ultimately it is the experience of exploration that adds to their development. Children fail and children succeed, allow them to try.

Brain research also confirms that Arts education strengthens student problem-solving and critical thinking skills, adding to overall academic achievement, school success, and preparation for the work world. We at Kenosis will ensure that your child discovers a world of possibilities where they can express their own vision.

Age groups and Times



You can choose a day in the week that will suite you ( Depending on available space ) 




Children classes price structure is as follows: month – month basis, NO contract and no hidden costs


What do i need when i start

Children do not need to bring anything for their art classes, everything will be provided by Kenosis.  Your kids will be in a safe environment and the teachers take extra special care with the kiddies.


But my child cant even draw a stick man


stick-manThat is exactly why we are here, to help you! God gave all of us a creative side, and it is essential for you to discover, explore and practice your creativity. Art inspires children, and allows them to share their appreciation of the subject. Art enhances our experience, especially if it expresses emotion or ideas. Sometimes it is the amazing skill of the artist that enthralls the viewers. Art enhance schoolwork, brain activity and self confidence. Art is an important part of our lives, as it stimulates our mind and it gives us the opportunity to explore our creative side. Art in any form entertains, informs, educates and enlightens us in every possible way.


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